About Taip Automation

About Taip Automation

aziendaTaip Automation was born on 17th July 2006 by four ex-employers that were working for a very famose company, world leader on electric water heater developing, with a production of 1.200.000 pieces for year. Our technicians have learned a lot of expertise and skills from this working period.

We are always disposed to satisfy all customer's requests and we have developed automation technologies on electric water heater division. We are competing with other big companies on this division. Knowing the importance of the diversification, we have developed also other technologies on other divisions: automotive, heating elements, thermostats, fridges, paper conversion and packaging with manipulator.

We are also capable to produce "non-standard" solution following the specific requests of any our customers. We can obtain it with the close collaboration that we are willing to engage with our customers.

To achieve an higher degree of satisfaction with our customers, we have developed a network of companies that can provide a finished product. In this way we guarantee a single company and thus a single source, providing a major benefit to those who decide to use our solutions.

The sales organization is composed of three sales engineers that can provide the best possible solutions on the spot from which they start to get to the final solution.

We recently made a very important partnership for the marketing of aluminum profiles including everything concerning this sector, protections, conveyor belt, linear guide, accessories for mounting, with the most extensive customization.

Why choose us

  • 1 Dynamic

    The staff has a high degree of flexibility and professionalism.

  • 2 Young

    But with years of experience and qualifications behind.

  • 3 Desirous to grow

    Recently tripled the working space.

Our mission

  • We are ready to satisfy all your needs, gives you the best possible solutions, including "non-standard". Your satisfaction is our greatest reward!
    Franco Porciani